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The Foundry NUKE 7.0 Released

The Foundry – NUKE 7.0 Released

NUKE 7.0 comes with a host of polished and perfected tools to streamline your day-to-day workflow, as well as exciting new feature additions to complement its highly acclaimed feature set.

NUKE 7.0 highlights

    • Unrivalled speed and power – NUKE 7.0 features RAM playback cache to give artists real-time playback and GPU acceleration to speed up interactive processing when dealing with MotionBlur,KronosDenoiseVectorGeneratorConvolve and ZDefocus.

    • Day to day compositing the way you want it – NUKE’s roto tools have been entirely redefined to enhance performance and improve stereo support, and the latest release also now includes Primatte 5, a new 2D tracker and support for ARRIRAW and the latestR3D SDK. The SplineWarp node and DopeSheet have also benefited from major improvements.

    • Blurring the line between 2D and 3D – With NUKE 7.0 artists can now relight renders in the comp environment using the Relight node and even model using NUKEX’s new ModelBuilder, reducing the need to roundtrip to another tool or hand work off to other departments. NUKE’s Deep compositing workflow benefits from the addition of OpenEXR 2.0 and the 3D system welcomes theAlembic file format.

Features in Detail

NUKE & NUKEX 7.0 include some powerful new features in addition to dozens of enhancements to current features, including.
New RAM playback cache functionality – Giving artists real-time playback capability by retaining recently used frames in memory without relying on the OS disk buffering system.

Improved Roto performance – Giving artists more control than ever before, NUKE’s roto tools have been completely overhauled, drastically improving interaction speed as well as giving real-time playback of roto overlays and improved stereo support.

Improved 2D Tracker – With major improvements to workflow, speed and accuracy, NUKE’s 2D Tracker now lets artists track and correct difficult objects with ease, giving finer control over core tracking functionality.

Improved SplineWarp tool – Giving greater control, NUKE’s improved SplineWarp tool lets artists create source and destination splines independently and set separate warp values per layer or spline pair.

Multiple 3D improvements – Giving artists greater freedom in 3D, improvements include: 3D scale manipulator, 3D alpha shadows, create camera option, updated cast and receive shadows functionality and displacement tessellation settings, as well as new stochastic samples control for motion blur.

Primatte 5 – The latest upgrade to Primatte 5 brings with it numerous improvements and new features, including: Improved auto compute, new smart background color select, new hybrid render and adjust lighting features and multiple new output modes.

Upgraded PositionToPoints tool – Create point clouds quickly and easily with newly improved PositionToPoints tool that lets artists alter point clouds with geometry modifiers and choose the channels from one input rather than having to pipe in two.

Upgraded Relight tool – Now a fully supported node giving artists the ability relight renders in the comp environment, removing the need to roundtrip to other packages for quick fixes and adjustments

Improved DopeSheet and new TimeClip node – Gives artists powerful new ways to visually move elements around the timeline.

New ZDefocus tool – A significant upgrade to the ZBlur tool with improved algorithm and much more.

New Bookmark feature – Gives artists the ability to bookmark nodes or backdrops in the node graph, and jump between them using the assigned hotkeys or the bookmarks search box.

Deep data & Alembic support – Push the boundaries of Deep compositing with new OpenEXR 2.0 Deep data read and write capability, as well as read and write geometry and cameras to and from Sony Picture Imageworks’ Alembic file format.

FBX 2012 Support – NUKE now supports FBX 2012 7.2, as well as being back-compatible with all previous versions.

New Format Support – new camera format support for ARRIRAW and latest update for R3D SDK.

New Features exclusively for NUKEX

NUKEX features the core NUKE toolset complimented with exclusive cutting edge tools to ease day to day compositing tasks without having to leave the package. Compare NUKE and NUKEX feature sets

GPU Accelerated Nodes – This fundamental upgrade allows artists to utilise the power of their GPUs to speed up interactive processing when dealing with: MotionBlur, Kronos, Denoise, VectorGenerator, Convolve and ZDefocus. If the GPU is unavailable NUKEX will simply revert back to the CPU without needing to adjust settings.

Particle improvements – Giving greater speed than ever before, NUKE’s particles can now inherit velocity from emitter geometry and emit from the bounding box volume of an object.

ModelBuilder – Create 3D models of sets and props quickly and easily, without having to roundtrip to another tool with NUKE’s new ModelBuilder.

Improved DepthGenerator & PointCloudGenerator – Able to calculate cleaner, more accurate depth passes and point clouds, both tools offer improved workflow, accuracy and new output options.

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