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Making of Paperman – Disney Animated Short Film

3D/2D breakdown video of ‘Paperman’ and behind the scenes Videos presented by the director of the short John Kahrs

Disney Paperman – Full Animated Short Film here –

Paperman is a 2012 black-and-white animated short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by John Kahrs. The short blends traditional animation and computer animation. the Oscar-nominated animated short that blends hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery in a beautiful, innovative way that might just look like the future of animation as a whole.

paperman-breakdownPaperman1 Paperman2 Paperman3 Paperman4 Paperman5 Paperman6 Paperman7

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  • ranfan

    Amazing. Can’t believe I didn’t come across this masterpiece sooner. The unique style works very well.

  • soma