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V-Ray Shading and Lighting Pipeline

This Master Class will help you integrate V-Ray into your workflow.
Konstantin Gaytandzhiev, 3D Artist and V-Ray Master Trainer

Topics include:
One-click linear workflow.
Managing large scenes using the improved V-Ray Proxy loader.
Transferring animated assets from Maya to 3ds Max using Alembic caches.
Texture shortcuts using V-Ray procedurals.
Optimizing Global Illumination for animations.
Using V-Ray’s extensive Render Elements and creating customized render passes.
Multichannel OpenEXR output for compositing in Nuke.

V-Ray-Shading-and-Lighting-1 V-Ray-Shading-and-Lighting-2 V-Ray-Shading-and-Lighting-3 V-Ray-Shading-and-Lighting-4 V-Ray-Shading-and-Lighting-5
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