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VFX Breakdown Total Recall creating the spectacular ‘Synth’ robots

Prime Focus World VFX Supervisor Alex Pejic gives a detailed of how Prime Focus World went about creating the spectacular ‘Synth’ robots, alongside some stunning breakdown footage of our work on the film.

Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-1 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-2 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-3 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-4 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-5 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-6 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-7 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-8 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-9 Total-Recall-Vfx-Brakdown-10

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