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Cenk Cevdetkilar & Stefano Farci (Grand Prize Winner)

The Gnomon Best of Term competition recognizes the best work being done by Gnomon students.
At the end of each term, submitted work is judged by professional artists currently working in the industry.

Making of Video (Iron Man Short)

Adam Nixon (Character Animation Winner)

Itai Muller (Compositing Winner)

Adam Nixon (Creature Animation Winner)

Chrystie Nascimento (Environment Interior 3D Winner)

Ruta Lauzikaite (Lighting and Rendering Winner)

Sonja Christoph (Matte Painting Winner)

Huy Bui (Visual Effects Winner)

Tiffany Yung ( Character 3D Winner)

James Mosingo (Character Design Winner)

Tyler Bolyard (Creature 3D Winner)

Leonardo Krajden (Creature Design Winner)

Michael Sheffels (Environment Design Winner)

Leticia Kao (Environment Exterior 3D Winner)

Joseph Quinto (Texturing Winner)

Leonardo Krajden (Vehicle Design Winner)


  • Hash Poppins

    amazing work.. but would like to see bigger images of some thumbnails..