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X-Particles 4 New Feature

xpClothFX – X-Particles 4, New Feature

The all-new xpCloth Dynamics system brings remarkably fast cloth simulations right into the X-Particles workflow. You can drive cloth with any X-Particles Modifier and rip it apart with the advanced tearing options. This feature adds a whole new dimension to motion design effects and destruction VFX shots.

xpCloth, the next chapter in our ongoing journey to bring our users a fully unified dynamics system right inside Cinema 4D.

xpOpenVDB – X-Particles 4, New Feature

xpOpenVDB enables you to entirely art direct meshes; you can fine-tune the voxel size and radius scale. Use our filtering system to layer up your effects to take total control of your artwork.

Generate unique meshes to create different results on the surface of your object by using the point option. Combine geometry objects and particles using our topology option, allowing you to produce fast, clean Boolean operations on the generated mesh. Add the xpEmitter into the mix, to cut real-time holes into your surface for stunning visual effects.

Whether you want to mesh stunning fluids and dynamic particle shots or create complex models; xpOpenVDB has it covered.

xpCirclePacker & xpCellAuto – X-Particles 4, New Feature

The xpCirclePacker allows you to emit particles while dynamically avoiding intersections. When connected to an emitter, it controls the particle radius and emission point to avoid any overlap. Control the minimum and maximum radii of the packed circles, and use the separation parameter to give your particles space. You can scale your particles on and off using the Scale Up and Scale Down curves, no need for any keyframes!

The xpCellAuto object generates particles based on three different Cellular Automata Algorithms.

Elementary mode; geometrically controls particles, based on rules about three neighbouring cells. Use this mode to create repetitive, geometric or chaotic patterns.

Game of Life; works under rules based on the life and death of the cells. This function can produce some authentic looking retro-style arcade game effects.

Finally, Diffusion-Limited Aggregation; this mode produces very impressive growth systems. Simulate the natural world and generate remarkable natural cellular structures within Cinema 4D.

xpSplineFlow – X-Particles 4 – New Feature

Our new xpSplineFlow allows you to quickly design and art direct the flow of particles along a Spline. The Spline Modifier uses multiple forces to push and pull particles in an organic, fluid motion. Control handles are automatically created along the spline. Each handle can be adjusted to size, position and has it’s own force controls. Splines can be easily edited, resized and amended; the xpSplineFlow will update in real time. Use xpSplineFlow with other modifiers, such as xpTurbulence and the X-Particles Dynamics Fluid Solvers, enabling you to create organic, realistic fluid simulations effortlessly.

xpFlowField – X-Particles 4, New Feature

Our fantastic new velocity field generator lets you create custom velocity field effects. You can drive particles with Splines, or Object Tangents or Normals, use the Cinema 4D noises to art direct your own custom turbulence. The possibilities with Flow Fields are endless. They can be mixed and layered to truly push directed particle effects to the next level.

xpVertexMap Maker – X-Particles 4, New Feature

The xpVertexMap Maker has four different modes to manipulate the vertex weight; Vertex Speed, Texture, X-Particles/Object Vertices and xpExplosiaFX.

Vertex Speed, weight is calculated by how fast the object vertices are moving. You can use the weighted object as a particle emitter, access the vertex weight information to drive a scale modifier dynamically, and particles can be scaled up when their weight is full and down when their weight is 0 – excellent for motion graphic effects.

Texture, uses the greyscale values of any texture to drive the vertex weight.

X-Particles/Object Vertices, drag in your X-Particles emitter and wherever your particles make contact with the map they will paint weight.

ExplosiaFX, use with our new xpExplosiaFX object to create custom vertex maps from fire and smoke simulations.

Our new xpVertexMap Maker enables you to create fully procedural real time Vertex Maps inside of X-Particles 4.

xpExplosiaFX Part I – X-Particles 4, New Feature

xpExplosiaFX will become your first stop in the creation of realistic smoke, fire and explosive simulations. Various settings provide you with unparalleled control and interaction. Adjust the voxel size to control the resolution. View different channels such as temperature, velocity and speed. You can isolate each channel, for example, switch off smoke to concentrate on fire or vice versa. Introduce the Forces tab, and add wind to your scene, make the movement erratic, and fine-tune the detail by adding curl turbulence, to produce even more realistic simulations.

Select scene objects to interact with your smoke and fire; objects can be polygonal, parametric, or animated. Use the X-Particles emitter source, add some physical data to the particles like fuel, give the emitter an EFX source tag and the particles will create amazing explosions. Increase velocity in the emitter tag, the fire and smoke will respect the initial velocity if the particles, for fantastic mid-air explosions

Render xpExplosiaFX with a standard or physical render inside Cinema 4D, using X-Particles Gaseous shader for outstanding results. For stunning realism and speed of render use xpExplosiaFX in Cycles 4D.

xpExplosiaFX Part II – X-Particles 4, New Feature

xpExplosiaFX comes with its inbuilt forces, but the real beauty is its ability to interact with other X-Particles Modifiers and Generators.

Add xpTurbulence for erratic movement, then drag the Offset xpRotator into your modifier list. Layering up the modifiers gives you unprecedented control over your smoke and fire simulations.

Drive smoke simulations with our new xpFlowField, just create a custom velocity field using xpFlowField and add a circle spline. The smoke simulation hits the velocity field, and the smoke will be affected. You can use the simulation to advect particles, creating stunning effects.

Use xpExplosiaFX to define the colour of your advected particles, custom colour or use our shader. You can even pass on the temperature information of the simulation and use this to colour your particles.
xpExplosiaFX is fully integrated into the X-Particles system, you’ve never had so much control over your smoke, fire and particles simulations.

xpFluidPDB & xpFluidFX – X-Particles 4, New Feature

xpFluidPBD is a particle-based dynamic solver, ideal for fast, small scale fluid simulations. Mix with any of the X-Particles modifiers to fine tune and art direct your fluids.

Combine xpFluidPBD with the new xpSplineFlow modifier to build complex simulation shots for all your clients needs. Add the xpOpenVDB mesher and get fast interactive fluid animations at your fingertips.

The new xpFluidPBD Solver works with all X-Particles systems, add XPConstraints and use the inbuilt viscosity and surface tension to bring life to your fluids. For fast fluid dynamics in X-Particles 4, use the New xpFluidPBD solver

Our new hybrid SPH solver xpFluidFX uses the latest techniques in fluid dynamics for medium to large scale fluid simulations.

With the solver added to your scene, you can set your fluid on an as per Emitter basis, giving you full control over the type and look of your fluid simulation. Setting up highly viscous fluids with surface tension is easy, add more Emitters to your scene to create mixed density simulations with ease.

Fill objects and maintain the particle volume, mix in the X-Particles Foam and Spray Object for wonderful fluid advected particle effects.

Collisions are handled with the new xpFluidFX Collider Tag, for full control over collision simulation, adaptive collisions can help save memory for faster simulation feedback.

Use xpFluidFX in creative new ways in X-Particles 4, for unique fluid simulations.

X-Particles 4 New Feature, xpClothFX - X-Particles 4, New Feature Sneak Peek X-Particles 4 New Feature, xpClothFX - X-Particles 4, New Feature Sneak Peek X-Particles 4 New Feature, xpClothFX - X-Particles 4, New Feature Sneak Peek X-Particles 4 New Feature, xpClothFX - X-Particles 4, New Feature Sneak Peek
X-Particles 4 New Feature, xpClothFX – X-Particles 4, New Feature Sneak Peek

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