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Young startup Moka Studio sparks innovation for 3D character animation

Moka Studio is the newest kid on the block. It is a new alternative to renowned 3D animation software such as Maya Autodesk and Cinema 4D. The idea is simple yet attractive, a software, named Mosketch, designed to animate with the stroke of a pen. Users can get rid of rig controllers and use the skeleton to control the pose with a simple stroke.

The general idea is clear, but Mosketch offers a variety of features that are all aimed at reducing the complexity for the 3D animator.

  • Mosketch simplifies the animations methods by providing simultaneous access to Forward and Inverse Kinematics. The result is a tremendous gain in efficiency boosting the artist’s performance by at least 300%.

Simultaneous access to Forward and Inverse Kinematics

  • The animator does not need the help of a rigger to start animating. Only controller free 3D characters can be animated with Mosketch. Control of the character is done by animating the skeleton.

Animate rig controller free models

  • The influence on the characters movement is easily adjustable from one restricted part of the skeleton up to the root. The selection of any given succession of joints allows the user to achieve the desired influence.

Simultaneous access to Forward and Inverse Kinematics

  • With an enhanced Smart Foot function, the user can quickly and easily create a high-level IK gizmo to animate the foot roll in a couple of clicks.

Apply a Smart Foot to your model in seconds

  • When creating movement, it is possible to display the character’s ghosts spread through the timeline. The user can feature the current frame and superimposed previous and successive poses easily with a colour code to better control the final animation result.

Mosketch’s ghosts, view desired poses around your frame

Moka Studio’s mission is to empower 3D animators to focus on their creative talent abstracting the technology required to support them. The concept of Mosketch is as powerful and disruptive as being able to animate a puppet without its strings.

Moka Studio provides 2 models included within Mosketch Light, which allow you to quickly get started and create your first animations.

Mosketch Light is still in its early access phase. To foster innovation, the support of the community is essential, and bug reports, improvement requests and general feedback can go a long way. Stay tuned as further updates and news will be announced in the coming months!

Twitter:@Moka Studio

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