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ZBrush 4R6 ZRemesher Tutorial by Ryan Kingslien from ZBrushworkshops,

ZBrush 4R6 released and one of the interesting new feature is ZRemesher.
ZRemesher promises to change the landscape of digital sculpting by automating one of the most pain-staking parts of our job topology. Using a brand new algorithm, it surpasses all other tools out there today to provide animation ready topology at the click of a button.

ZRemesher is the next evolution in our automatic retopology solution. ZRemesher has been designed with an artist’s point of view in mind. With a single click, ZRemesher produces ideal new topology based on your original mesh.

The new functions in ZRemesher are smarter, able to analyze the curvature of your model with the precision of a computer, but with the subtlety of the human eye.

Add more polygons locally where needed, changing their shape to create perfect topology flow. As with most ZBrush tools, ZRemesher also lets you take control over the automatic process and give your own guidance to the core algorithms. It is easy to drive the flow of polygons with the help of curves. You can also define where you wish to have more or lower polygon density. You can perform local retopology to a specific part of your mesh while keeping a natural connection with the support model.

By default, ZRemesher gives the Adaptive Size setting higher priority than the Target Polygon Count because of the Adaptive Density mode which is enabled by default. But when this mode is disabeled, ZRemesher will adjust its topology calculations to give equal weight to your Target Polygon Count value.

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