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Computer Graphics Professionals Community for Digital Artists, Allows you to reach a global group of professional and aspiring digital artists, Online home to anyone committed to 2D & 3D art.

Your access to over 2,90,000 unique monthly visitors will present your company to a highly engaged group of CG Artists. Provides the best place for you to anchor your brand, promote your company and build your social media presence.

A Social Network for Artists – Art, Visual Effects, Animation, Games, TV & Films Professionals. Helps you in exchanging Ideas,Knowledge & Job Opportunities.
CGMeetup is the World Largest and Trusted Professional Network for Digital Artists.
It helps Artists to build their Professionals Network throughout the world and connect with Computer Graphics Professionals, who share same interest.

So Why Advertise?

CGMeetUp provides an extensive range of in-depth, well written editorial and tutorial content,Latest Industry Jobs which brings over 2.5 k New visitors to the site every month. Unlike other websites, our advertising options only begin with the traditional banner space offering. In addition to this we offer advertisers a “Complete Solution” meaning (depending on package) your advertising campaign will get:

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If you would like to know more about the various opportunities available, please request a media pack by contacting Mr Alex or Mr Ajit at or call us on Skype “cgmeetup”