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We try to offer all Companies in the Visual Effect, Animation, Video Games, Digital Art and Software/Technology. The best platform to Post Jobs and find the best employee that is out there.

And the best: It is totally FREE!!!

More than a job board, CGMeetup is an International Professional Network. Job postings appear on our Professional Network and are simultaneously pushed to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Our “Artist Database”:

You have always the current data available from a huge amount of talented artists.
No more work on your side, for keeping the data up to date.
Always up-to-date information because the artists update their data by themself.
Just define what you look for and directly get all matching artists displayed.
You can directly view their Portfolio/Demo Reel/Resume get the best matching artist.

Posting jobs on CGMeetup:

You can find the best matching applicants within seconds because they get directly displayed according to their job-match-value.
Just concentrate on the most fitting artists and you can inform the less matching ones with just one click.
Get automatically informed about new artist that fit to a job you have posted
Directly reach your target group and just that. You do not pay to reach people which are not in the industry.
Fast response from artists. All new jobs get automatically posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, get added to an RSS-Feed and matching artists get informed by email.
Get more matching but less not matching applications. Artists can directly see how well they fit in your job-description and take that into consideration when they apply.

If you have any questions you can just get in contact with us directly via: or  using the contact forum here

Our service is totally free. So no risk on your side!