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Taking Flight

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Taking Flight Moonbot Studios - Taking Flight is a short film inspired by the life and heritage of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon. In this fictional tribute to Pasin’s legacy, what begins as a small bo...

The Chase

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The Chase Short Film by Tomas Vergara A simple hitman job. Things don't go as expected. Directed by Tomas Vergara Characters by Mauricio Galvez Music and SFX by Jay Taylor Peak Picture www.peakpictures.com ...

Welcome to Our World

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Welcome to Our World Armstrong White - An exploration of nature through the mechanized lens of Armstrong White. AW Team:- Michael Degg, Sarah Bromley, Roger Prudden, Cody Zdanowitz, Ryan Reid, Mike Prentice, Rebecca ...


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PRESTON Short Film by ISART DIGITAL 3D Animated Short Film PRESTON. The murmurings of the audience grow stronger behind the door. It’s almost time. His suit is looking sharp. His fingers are warmed up. He is ready f...

The Bloop Troop

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The Bloop Troop Short Film A Short Film by Pencillati Studios. A ruthless barbarian, a hair-splitting master archer and a knight in shining armor are brought together in the battlefield by a common enemy- a formidable f...

The Mega Plush Episode III

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The Mega Plush Episode III by Matt Burniston Elle, the Mega Plush’s punk princess, might have been forced to grow up way beyond her teenage years but she always manages to find time to have a little “fun”. As she races ...

Importance of the Posing of Hands

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Importance of the Posing of Hands Steve Vanseth talks about the importance of the posing of hands . Importance of the Posing of Hands, steve Vanseth- Importance of hands, steve Vanseth, Importance of hands, Steve...


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Clockwork Short Film Small creatures living inside a timeclock must prevent time from stopping. Marine Perrin: Compositing, Rigging, Rendering (VRay), Lighting, Layout 3D Sara Glachant: Animation, Modeling Noémie G...

Planet Unknown Short Film

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Planet Unknown Short Film by Shawn Wang At the end of the 21st century mankind were facing global resource depletion. Space Rovers were sent out to find potential inhabitable planets. Planet Unknown is a passion proj...

Iloura Montage Reel 2016

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Iloura Montage Reel 2016 Iloura’s commitment to a project is unwavering. The 200+ team of VFX Artists help productions to engage with any audience across any media platform. Whilst Iloura’s highly-regarded reputation...

Toxic Love Short Film

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Toxic Love Short Film A princess kisses a frog, not knowing it's toxic. Synopsis : A princess finds a frog in a swamp. Thinking that she met her prince charming she decides to kiss it, not knowing that the animal is ...

Maya 2017: XGen for Game Character Hair

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Maya 2017: XGen for Game Character Hair - Part 1 Credit CD Projekt RED for Witcher 3 character & Michael Todd for hair groom. Maya 2017: XGen for Game Character Hair - Part 2 Maya 2017: XGen for Game C...

Two Worlds

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Two Worlds Short Film Andy Lefton - Finding hope in the bleakest of moments. Two Worlds is a 3D animated short film by Andy Lefton that has evolved over many years with production taking approximately 5 years, when time...

Nightfall Short Film

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Nightfall Short Film "Dolly is a sweet little girl, who enjoys playing with her toys and drawing. That night, she wakes up from her sweet dreams with a rustling noise behind her. She does not specifically know what lurk...

3d Character Demoreel by Onder Yetiskin

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3d Character Demoreel by Onder Yetiskin Onder Yetiskin - Versatile and motivated 2D and 3D artist with 14 years in traditional and digital media. Advanced knowledge of Adobe applications. Equipped with an excellent work...

Child’s Play

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Child’s Play Short Film Murat Kilic - Nothing has value unless we grant it, and value does not mean anything unless we give it a meaning. I just wanted you to see through my eyes. I want to thank everybody who has been ...

Nine Short Film

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Nine Short Film by The Monk Studios After taking the time to hunt for 11 awards and 22 official selections, the Short Film "Nine" -- The Monk Studios' short film. Adapted from the short story "Grey's heart" from the nov...

TEOT Short Film

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TEOT Short Film by Eric TEOT Know the enemy within Scifi short film by Eric CGI, 3d, 3d Animated Short Film, animated, Animated Movies, Animated Short film, Animated Short films, Animated Short Films Award ...

Wooga Warlords Trailer

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Wooga Warlords Trailer Trailer for a new turn based strategy game Warlords. CREDITS:- Client: Wooga Wooga: Alex Bousquet, Sebastian Kriese, Silver Saaremäel, Johannes Ippen, Jamie McCarthy Director: Piñata Piña...

Keunottes Short Film

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Keunottes Short Film Keunottes a story of friends. Keunottes is a graduation film, realised by 6 ARIES students over 8 months in ARIES : school of graphics and motion design, in France. Guillaume Aussenac, Julie Bonnev...

Rose Bleue

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Rose Bleue Short Film Graduation film from Supinfocom. This is the story of a man trying to save his wife by chasing blue roses in an apocalyptic world. Directed by :- Mehdi Aouichaoui, Claire Dejoie, François Heysen...

Aria for a Cow Short Film

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Aria for a Cow Short Film Aria for a Cow is an animated musical short based on a previously unreleased song by the Oscar winning team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (“Little Shop of Horrors”, “Little Mermaid”, “Beauty...

Appealing Mouth Shapes

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Appealing Mouth Shapes Class for facial animation, Animator Terence Bannon discusses making appealing mouth shapes. Appealing Mouth Shapes, Terence Bannon, animation, animschool, 3d animation, 3d animation tips and...


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Apocalyptos Short Film A battle between young gods can have colossal consequences. A graduate film by Simon Loisel, Guillaume Miquel, Mathilde Michel, Mélanie Le Bloa and Julien Loth made at Supinfocom Valenciennes. ...

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